Are you looking for a unique and engaging way to celebrate Black History Month at your school?

Look no further than our Black Classical Composers Pre 20th Century program.

This course is designed to educate students on the significant contributions that Black composers made to classical music prior to the 20th century. By learning about these composers, students will gain a deeper appreciation for the cultural diversity of classical music and its rich history.


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Not only is this program a great way to celebrate Black History Month, but it also provides students with a valuable educational experience.

By exploring the works of Black composers, students will develop critical thinking skills and a greater understanding of music theory.

Our program is suitable for students of all ages and backgrounds, and it can easily be integrated into your school's curriculum. By purchasing this program for your school, you will provide your students with a unique and enriching educational experience that they will never forget.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to celebrate Black History Month and educate your students about the rich cultural history of classical music. Purchase our Black Classical Composers Pre 20th Century program today and give your students an experience they will never forget.


HI, I'm Dr. Greta Pope


I have traveled the world making music and have built a very successful business as a Singer. But it hasn’t always been so easy.

I struggled a lot at the beginning of my career, because I didn’t understand how to make my music business work. I didn’t even know that I had a business! I thought that talent was everything and that having a great voice was all that I needed. I was a singer, looking for someone else to take me under their wing and make me a star!

Well, after several years of struggling, I signed on with a manager who turned out to be of no help at all. As a matter of fact, he was a hindrance. After this disappointing experience, it occurred to me that I needed to “make it happen” for myself. I decided to return to school and work toward a Ph.D. in Business Administration, because I wanted to understand how to effectively run a business, how to develop a product, brand it and bring it to the marketplace.

Now, my life’s mission is to help amateur and professional musicians learn how to increase their skills, make more money and ultimately change their lives for the better—just like I did.

What People are Saying

"This program is perfect for Black History Month! Cultural Arts Everywhere exposed our students to a variety of Black Artists of yesteryear. They also learned about and heard from professional Black artists currently working in diverse artistic disciplines. The students and faculty loved it. Being able to share this presentation virtually was huge for us. Students who were physically at school could enjoy it and our remote learners could also participate. Cultural Arts Everywhere gave us a wonderful way to celebrate Black History Month 2021."

-Dr. L. Hanson, Centennial Elementary School

Fargo North Dakota

Frequently Asked Questions

We look forward to working with your students as they learn the creativity and intellect of artists of the African Diaspora. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

This course highlights the incredible contributions that Black composers made to classical music prior to the 20th century. By watching it, you will gain a deeper understanding of the rich history and cultural significance of these works. We hope that it will inspire you to continue your exploration of classical music and its diverse origins.

Classical Composers of the African Diaspora Pre 20th Century consists of one recorded presentation covering the history of top Black arists pre 20th century.

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